Intro to 2018

His devotion and understanding throughout this whole process needs to be rewarded, and I intend to pay him back.


Your (Not So)Typical New Year Post

Being a better listener now applies to the voices in my head too...

Holiday Style

Virtual Retaility

It is finally the holiday season! How exciting is that!? And with that comes plenty of parties, get-togethers, and other shenanigans with friends and family most of us haven’t seen since the prior holiday season. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “what should I wear to impress said people without being too obvious that I am trying to impress them?”. That is a great thought, I had the exact same one actually.  I feel like you can go one of two ways with this. The first way would be to go out and buy new clothes. This is a good idea, except for the fact that you probably have already dropped way too much money on gifts for other people, and do you really need that new shirt to wear for just one night? Not likely. The second is to make the most of what you have. In the past I…

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Puttin’ it in Perspective

I make this conclusion based on a unique perspective: Mine.

Liquid Gold!?!?

I can't put into words the feelings that ran through me when I heard, and then processed, that little 3-word sentence...

So Much Happening!

I had 3 beers, and it was definitely too much...