What Does Progress Looks Like?

I'll attempt to explain my unique version of progress below...


Don’t Call It a Comeback!

  Almost a full year ago, I started this blog as a way to communicate my medical status and feelings/experiences about all of it to family and friends I don't see on a regular basis. I recently received a notice regarding renewal of my subscription to WordPress, and had to make a decision regarding the … Continue reading Don’t Call It a Comeback!

The Fall

After all of this, I'm reminded of where I am, and more aware of why this happened...

Intro to 2018

His devotion and understanding throughout this whole process needs to be rewarded, and I intend to pay him back.

Your (Not So)Typical New Year Post

Being a better listener now applies to the voices in my head too...

Puttin’ it in Perspective

I make this conclusion based on a unique perspective: Mine.

Liquid Gold!?!?

I can't put into words the feelings that ran through me when I heard, and then processed, that little 3-word sentence...