2017 Product and Services Reviews (Part 1)

2017 was an interesting year for me and my family, as most of you know. For those who are not familiar with my story, start here and read all about it from the get-go.

I’ve had the opportunity in the past year to use some new products, and work with some individual service providers, some geared toward the disabled, some not. This is my opinion on these products and services. Each headline is a useful link, and each write up has additionally useful links…Follow the links!

Inupiat Style Walnut Handle Ulu Knife From The Ulu Factory

 During this whole adventure, my hands have failed me miserably. For a long period of time, I was completely unable to cook, cut, pour,etc. I love eating, and as some of my grip strength increased, I continued to try and reestablish my knife skills, unsuccessfully. I simply couldn’t use any of our knives to cut anything at all. Now, to be clear, I’ve never had any real knife skills, but if I wanted to cut something into smaller versions of itself, I was capable of doing that.

My Occupational Therapist let me borrow her “Adaptive” knife, also called a rocker knife, and I used it once. Hers had a plastic handle, which I hated for 3 reasons. First, when cutting anything wet or slimy (fruit, chicken, etc.), the handle became slippery, and second, the handle had too large of a gap in it, allowing it to shift in my “not-quite-tight-enough” grip, especially when it was slippery. The third reason I didn’t love her knife was it had 2 blades, 1/4″ or so apart. Great for chopping smaller pieces, but not a real option for all situations.


After returning her knife and thinking about the changes I wanted, I hit Google up for some recommendations, read hundreds of reviews, andulus

made my way to the link above. I don’t need, or particularly even like, flashy, laser engraved things. I’m about effective, efficient, products at a reasonable price, and all-around value, so I ordered the plain version (Item #7WU). I value the opinions of users with similar circumstances as myself most importantly. Amputees and many disabled customers (those with MS and Parkinson’s were of the most interest to me, as they share similar symptoms with me) and their caregivers raved about this knife’s effectiveness. This was what I needed to hear/read. Add to that the wooden handle, smaller grip hole, and single blade, and I felt like I was purchasing a solid value product. At just under $20, I felt ZERO remorse when I clicked the purchase button.

SICKRICK RATING – starstarstarstarhalfstar out of 5

PROS – This knife, actually ordered on Amazon Prime, came in 2 days, and damage-free. The package came with a brief history of Ulu Knives, a small fold-out catalog, the knife itself, and a small shelf/holder. The knife is incredibly sharp, lightweight, and easy-to-use. I like the simple, clean look of the walnut handle, and the dowels used on the handle add a small detail that isn’t needed, but can also be appreciated.

CONS – While the shelf/holder for this knife works, it’s scary. If you have a roomy kitchen, someplace out of the way, it’s fine, but this blade measures 6″ and the piece of walnut designed to hold it is only 2-3″ wide…That’s a lot of exposed blade. We have a magnetic mount above our stove, and keep it there, out of harm’s way. Also, the handle has no finish on it, so this knife should definitely not be washed in the dishwasher. Hand wash only, adding more danger, especially for someone like me.

Anthropologie Candles

This year, at the beginning of December, I threw a surprise birthday party for my wife, Meghan. It was very well attended, and she received some very nice gifts, all incredibly thought out. As always, certain gifts stood out, and this year, my cousin Katie started a small rage in our family when she gave Meghan a candle from Anthropologie. candle.jpgI had never been to (or heard of, actually) Anthropologie, but within a day of initially lighting the 3-wick, 50+ burn hour cadle, I was at their website, not for me, but for my mother-in-law, Mary, who mentioned how much she liked it once she smelled it burning, and I bought her the same candle, called “Fireside” for the upcoming Christmas celebration. At Christmas, my (step) son’s girlfriend, Kelsey, gave us 2 additional candles from there, one “Mulled Wine” and the other one has already been burned and discarded, but it was a nice holiday scent that we all enjoyed immensely. Both were smash hits in our house, and I am not a fan of wine scents in general, so that’s saying sumfin’! On Christmas Eve, Meghan ended up with the gift from katie during the gift war, and one of the items was, you guessed it, another candle from Anthropologie, this one called “Baltic Amber.” 

SICKRICK RATING – starstarstarstarhalfstar out of 5

PROS – They smell great, they’re available in a wide range of appearances and sizes, and they burn forever longer than other options. The people who have had the opportunity to smell these candles have all gone on to buy some for themselves or as gifts for others.

CONS – They eventually burn out. Patiently waiting on Forever models to be introduced.


My wife Meghan is an independent consultant for the fastest growing skincare brand in the U.S., R+F, but she is not your typical consultant. She purchased her business pack when she purchased Dylan’s Unmblemish regimen. She had never used the products prior to that. That was in March of 2017, and I am thrilled that she did, for several reasons.

Dylan’s skin cleared up. Enough said, right? A teenager that doesn’t struggle with acne and develops a daily self-care routine has no negative, so there is that, but…

My wife began using the Redefine regimen, and within a few weeks, I noticed the most beautiful change in her. It was obvious to me the effects it had on her skin and her appearance, but the real change, the most beautiful change, was in her confidence. Keep in mind the time-frame of this change. I had recently almost died, was unable to eat or drink, was in and out of the hospital, and Meghan was going to her full-time job, coming home and taking care of me, Dylan, our daughter Kellyn, who was away at UW Stout, and taking care of the house, the dog, and everything else that needed to get done. She was at the end of her rope, and then she started using these amazing products and everything changed. She looked younger, smiled and laughed more. She had a glow about her, but it was more than just her improved skin, it was a glow that radiated from within. It was confidence, and confidence is the sexiest thing in the world.

Shortly after that, I started using the Reverse regimen, with great results. I was given compliments on how well I looked, despite my condition. My dark spots lightened up, my skin felt firmer and looked tighter, and my confidence increased as well. I’ve recently switched regimens, and I now use the Unblemish regimen, as after nearly a year since my new lifestyle began, I noticed a large number of blackheads on my nose, and the Prednisone, an oral steroid, has caused an acne outbreak across my forehead, neck, and shoulders. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now, and I’ve already seen a huge improvement. The blackheads are clearing out, and the acne is clearing up. Some of the pores on my nose are shrinking, and the oily skin I’ve suffered with all of my life has stabilized slightly, without drying.

On top of the Unblemish regimen, I regularly use the following products:

Bright Eyes Complex – Drastically reduces dark bags/rings under eyes, brightens the appearance, and makes you more approachable, especially after a long night, or a night of sleep struggles.

Multi-function Eye Cream  – Handles wrinkles around eyes, crow’s feet, and increases firmness of under eye area.

My wife uses the Amp Roller with her Redefine, Lash Boost (ladies, check this product out, it’s a smash success!) and the whole array of additional Essentials.

Meghan’s actual Lash Boost results!

The kids use Unblemish and Soothe.

I didn’t write this because my wife is a consultant, I wrote it because I have personally witnessed changes in a ton of individual’s appearances and attitudes because of these products. Please, do yourself a favor and check out the links in this section, use Meghan’s solution tool, find what is recommended for you, give it a try, and regain your appearance and CONFIDENCE.

SICKRICK RATING – starstarstarstarstar OUT OF 5!

PROS – Developed by Dermatologists. Easy to use. Confidence and great skin available in one package. EVERY single product comes with a 60-day, empty bottle, money-back guarantee!!


Tomorrow’s reviews will focus on technology and electronics!!



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